Our Story

14344150_133272523797498_546045013799287669_nMy name is Nanyondo Veronica born in 1986, 22nd July in a village called Kikaya Kisoga Bukomansimbi District.Born to a father of three wives and my mother was the youngest in that marriage.My mother gave birth to five children all girls. Unfortunately I did not spend time with my father as he died when I was one and half (1 ½) years while my mother was pregnant with our last born.

We stayed with our mother in the village but God’s plans are never predicated as when I was seven years in primary three (P.3) my mother also dies from HIV.We were left as young as we were but Glory to God that our Uncle (Brother to our real dad) came in to take care of us.Life in my new father’s home.Life there wasn’t as easy as people though our dad used to stay in Kampala as he was working from there and coming to the village on weekends.

Our step, mum wasn’t an easy person, since we had pity from other village elders they could give us some food after school because at our home we were working as house helpers. We had to fetch water, bring grass for cows, pigs, cooking, washing yet dad was paying people to do that work and his wife used to use the money for her own things but instead made us to work.

Our school and the community intervened and told our dad how we were being treated in his absence but we as children we could not tell him anything because we feared cains.

Thank God our dad listened to them and I remember when I was about to sit for my P.L.E he asked for a leave from work and told the Headmistress to put me on couching so that I can pass my exams.

Good enough I passed and I was brought to Kampala where I attended my secondary school as a day scholar. My dad had another wife in Kampala but life there wasn’t easy also as this woman never wanted many people at her home.

In Kampala there we got a chance to be visiting our aunties, uncles and my grand mother from my mother’s side but only weekends while our dad had gone to the village because he never allowed us to see them.

They loved us so much but they had limitations since they were told that if they ever come for us either for holiday or a visit that we go for good. So we never spent much time with people from our mother’s side.

After secondary I joined Makerere University in 2005 and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelors degree (Arts with Education)

After campus I had to start taking care of my self, I taught in some schools but the payments was not all that good but while teaching I managed to save some money and my elder sister the late Susan Namaganda added me more to start a business ( Stationery a Nasser Road)

On Thursday 11th December 2015 at around 4:00am I got a call that my sister (close sister) the late Hon. Susan had got an accident and she is in hospital. I said I will go to the hospital in the morning but while I was preparing to go I received another call and this was a doctor from Nakasero and he was asking whether I was around the hospital. I told him I was coming but there some people there but he insisted I should get a boda boda and that when I reach I should call him.

I reached and asked sisters why they don’t attend to our dear sister who is sick and they told me she is in the theater, I told them the doctor is calling me I thought there is nobody here, I called the doctor, he picked me and took me to the theater where he told me that my sister has died.

I was locked in the theater for over five hours and the people outside did not know what had happened.

After I came out and told them. It was such a very, very bad and unforgettable day for me.

As people sat at the funeral they brought a thought of replacing Hon. Susan and all of them were pointing at me. I did not want this thing before but looking at Susan’s young kids as the elder was 3 years, 1 and 3 months and 7 months respectively I agreed.

After the burial I had to start campaigns though I did it all in pain but God never fails nor does he forget his people.

“He has good plans for me, plans that will bring us joy and not pain.”

I won the elections and on 18th May 2016 I was sworn in as a woman Member of Parliament Bukomansimbi District.



BEYADEF was started in by the Late Hon. Susan Namaganda (first woman Member of Parliament Bukomansimbi District with the aim of improving the prices quality quantity of Agricultural products.

Since agriculture is the main source of income and the main economic activity.