About Us

At Beyadef we empower communities to improve standards of living

Because we are independent of the Trust, we are able to support innovative projects that wouldn’t normally be funded through the kind hearts.


  • To educate under privileged children from the lowest to the highest level of education/from kindergarten to university or vocational learning.
  • To provide high quality care for children and adolescents by providing useful and beneficial skills through our own programs and follow through with state run education.
  • To promote the importance of family planning, the dangers of drug use and STIs especially HIV/AIDs and caring for victims or the infected and affected.
  • To facilitate the reunion of the children with their own families whenever possible
  • To rescue more and more under privileged children from their physical and spiritual poverty
  • To make children under 18 years less vulnerable to crime and protect them from going to remand homes.
our mission

To improve people’s standards of living in the region particularly in the areas of agriculture, education , health sector and welfare.

Our Vision

To empower community that fully participate in the improvement of standards of living through the areas of agriculture, education and health care.

our Role

To encourage and promote girl child education and empowering women with knowledge and skills to sustain there lives in the communities.


Bukomansimbi district is one of the few 8  districts that make up greater Masaka and two of its sub counties is Bugasa and kitanda are located in the cattle collide which is characterized by the cattle rustling and poor drainage systems due to scarcity  of swamps and other water bodies.

The district lacks adequate water supply for both domestic and farm use and people and animals have to move for long distance to locate the nearby water supply which is not even heath for human consumption.

The whole district lacks a single hospital that can provide the masses with adequate basic health care services. The District is heath facilities are dependent on the hearth center ii and iii and the health center IV found in Butenga for the health survival and some end up losing their lives since many can’t afford to pay for the health services available.

The available health centers luck medical equipment which can be used in the theater to operate patients with serious cases

It’s upon this background that BEYADEF is mobilizing materials and financial support to secure hospital equipment and enable clinics that can be used to secure people’s lives as they can use the clinics to treat different diseases and handle different cases in the local communities of Bukomansimbi


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